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We are i9 Innovations & Educations Ltd the only Healthcare IT company of the country so far. We build Software’s, networking and IT solutions for the healthcare and associated industries. We provide consulting, professionally managed services, and software development. As a company, we have excelled in supporting and serving our customers and users... Using in-house consultation skills alongside software development, our research can provide individuals with the best and optimum solution that matches your operational needs. We've also developed custom scalable systems and support services for every other healthcare institution on the planet.

Welcome to India’s First Healthcare networking platform

What is an HNP

Traditional platforms are long outdated, to harness the full potential of your infrastructure, and your team of experts, we provide a single platform across all the stakeholders to have an error free digital communication, within your environment, this way you achieve a high level of transparency and TAT. You can also collate data for research in any epidemic or pandemic, which can be utilised in preparedness and disaster managements for the future.

The patient who is the most important aspect of the HNP, is offered his data and invoices absolutely in transparent and seamless manner without a time lag. Making him more confident of the service provider.


Super Dr is India's first and most comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to making healthcare services simpler, accurate and credible for everyone. Our mission is to connect doctors, allied services and patients to drive credible and accurate health care services which go a long way at not only saving lives but also to create an ecosystem within the country for rapid expansion of health care services across the length & breadth of our country. We are young as an organization but backed up by seasoned professionals from the health care sector. We aim to pioneer an innovative, free, cloud-based model for patients to store, share and consult health care professionals. Our processes are in a constant state of transformation to incorporate the latest advancements in healthcare facilities in our ecosystem of services.

The Ecosystem

Super Dr's- platform connects the complex ecosystem of medical professionals, patients, labs, billers, imaging centers and life science partners. Healthcare partners connect with our community of medical professionals about services that streamline their daily practice, allowing them to focus on delivering value-based care and drive better patient outcomes. Our real-time clinical software would grow to become the first, largest and most accurate clinical dataset in the India. From identifying disease outbreaks to tracking Meaningful Use progress, Super Dr’s clinical research team is dedicated to helping independent medical practices deliver better, safer and more efficient care. .

India's first & currently the only Healthcare Networking Platform

The Super Dr offers a perfect balance of transparency and economic prosperity. The future of Medical practice in India is as bright as it ever was, with the local and international awareness of Indian medical practitioners potential increasing, there is tremendous demand for our medical fraternity. During Covid the Super Dr gained immense respect internationally when patient relatives around the world had access to their admitted patients at MCGM Covid centres

Super Dr. Not only offers you a platform for a protocol-based practice but also a launchpad so you can promote and show the great work you do in your daily practice. Make yourself more visible than ever before by any marketing tool.

Choose from most filled gallery of i9 innovations

LIS (Lab info systems for Pathology)

From a small lab to the giant reference labs our LIS can cater all. Interfacing, Templates, Barcoding, QR Coding, Patient apps are old features which we have by default. The IN patient loyalty, New leads, Pilferages, CRM Dashboard. So you don’t spend on a software but generate revenue from it.

iPACS & Dashboard Radiology & Diagnostics center

For the first time in India you get, PACS, Billing, Queue management, Appointment manager, Asset manager, Absolute Paperless, and a Marketing package. You can now grow...grow and recover the amount you spent on software and other investments asap.

Queue Management systems

Our unique queue management systems gives you a great start to your day and Month. Now you exactly know how many patients are due to arrive today this week and month...It also gives you an alert on the miss outs has a separate dashboards for missed ones, Surgical ones and long follow-ups.

TPA & Claims Management Systems

Any hospital in tier 1 city today has an average 60% patients coming through cashless and other insurance scheme. Its not far when insurance company will time to time ask for quality markers and ICD codes for claim reimbursements...The iPMS Gold and the Super Dr has built in features for of NABH registers and also have easy customisable Templates with ICD Codes.

Tally Interfacing

Gone are the days of exporting accounts data, you can now easily interface your tally with hospital software at which ever point you decide. You have the total command of your accounts and Data too on your finger tips

Vaccinations appointment systems

The Super Dr Vaccination appointment system helped many during the crisis. We hope and pray its not needed again but this vaccination app works wonder with other vaccines too. Go ahead and use it to promote other vaccines.

Hospital Operations

  1. Intelligent paperless OPD and IPD based on templates,
  2. Alerts & AI based suggestion at critical checkpoints.
  3. High levels of treatment accuracy .
  4. TAT for analysis & Quality management.
  5. NABH quality markers and registers.
  6. Digital one touch IPD
  7. One touch OPD
  8. Integrated Path Lab & Radiology equipments.
  9. Dashboard for quick Management.
  10. Easy locators, Notifications.
  1. Error free secured and digitally communications.
  2. Real time Data for faster diagnosis & Treatments.
  3. iCD 10 enabled NABH Compliant.
  4. No additional staff for Quality control.
  5. Instant start.
  6. Any device.
  7. Smart Theater.
  8. Automated Billing systems.
  9. 2 hours of training only.

i9 CRM (MiCUS)

CRM solutions for healthcare industry was long due, at i9 Innovations we design CRM, just as the Doctor ordered. It has a completely medical interface so every clinician can, understand, use and benefit from it, with utmost ease. It’s our integrated approach which helps clients improve their relationship and finally convert enquiries into productive clients like never before.

i9 CRM



  1. Medicine Masters
  2. Treatment Master
  3. Lab Test Masters
  4. Procedure Masters
  5. Disease Masters
  6. Admin, Billing & Other Miscellaneous Masters
  7. All Government Schemes & TPA Masters
  8. Staff Masters
  9. Health & Police Department


  1. Set up hospitals, Wards, Beds Numbering, etc.
  2. Attach internal & external labs, pharmacy, etc
  3. Department-wise, Role wise user access control.
  4. Tariff Control
  5. Staff rights control
  6. Add Widgets to the Dashboard
  7. Connect to Various Departments & Organisation
  8. Connect to Charitable organization
  9. MLC / Communicable Disease notification
  10. Auto filled Discharge card


  1. Doctor Verification & Registration
  2. Allot of department-wise faculty
  3. Faculty wise Templates
  4. Intelligent paperless OPD
  5. Real-time Data for faster diagnosis & treatments
  6. Surgery Intimations on the dashboard
  7. Cancel OPD
  8. Research Data
  9. Real-Time OPD Patient Dashboard
  10. 3 Click Consultation


  1. Auto indent to Lab from OPD/IPD
  2. Bi-directional Interfacing with LAB equipment.
  3. Upload reports
  4. Data entry operator not required
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Reagent Management
  7. Book Appointments
  8. View History / Remote reporting
  9. Barcode Label


  1. Create faculty-wise departments.
  2. Create a fully functional satellite dispensary.
  3. Camp Dispensaries
  4. Create/Cancel Appointments
  5. Add/Delete Cabins
  6. Templates
  7. Interfaced with all Diagnostics
  8. Patient app interfacing


  1. Set up hospitals, Wards, Beds Numbering, etc.
  2. Attach internal & external labs, pharmacy, etc
  3. Department-wise, Role wise user access control.
  4. Tariff Control
  5. Staff rights control
  6. Add Widgets to the Dashboard
  7. Connect to Various Departments & Organisation
  8. Connect to Charitable organization
  9. MLC / Communicable Disease notification
  10. Auto filled Discharge card


  1. Vendor Creation
  2. Itemized coding
  3. Service Engineer enrolment
  4. Department Usage
  5. Review Old Quotations & Offers
  6. Status Display
  7. Gadget Labels
  8. Tally interface
  9. Compare Cost & Features


  1. Auto indent to Lab from OPD/IPD
  2. Bi-directional Interfacing with LAB equipment.
  3. Upload reports
  4. Data entry operator not required
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Reagent Management
  7. Book Appointments
  8. View History / Remote reporting
  9. Barcode Label


  1. Patient self-registration
  2. EHR storage
  3. Medical History
  4. Unique Super-Dr PIN
  5. Online Time-slot wise Appointments


  1. Auto indent to Pharmacy Dept from OPD/IPD
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Auto-reorder as items fall below the min quantity
  4. Barcode Label
  6. Expiry Alert / Goods return
  7. Balance medicine alert


  1. Patient detail registration with Unique Patient ID
  2. One-time Admission Process
  3. Initial Investigation Process
  4. Real-time reporting.
  5. OPD Consulting & Treatment Process
  6. IPD Procedure & Consulting
  7. Online Daily Assessment Process
  8. OT Dashboard
  9. Bed Management
  10. Logging of TAT for analysis.
  11. ICD 10 enabled & NABH Compliant.
  12. Dashboard for Quick Management.
  13. Hidden Notes.
  14. Clinical templates.
  15. Queue Management.
  16. ICD 10 all Masters
  17. Patient Privacy and Safety Compliance


  1. OP Billing
  2. IP Billing
  3. Automated IP OP Billing
  4. Pharmacy linked Billing
  5. Billing on Indent
  6. Package Billing
  7. Gipsa Package
  8. Daily automated Billing
  9. GST
  10. Tally Interface
  11. Camp Billing
  12. Vaccine Billing
  13. Itemized Bill
  14. Live bill update to patient
  15. Doctor payments
  16. Referral Payments
  17. TPA settlement
  18. Discount manager
  19. Online payment integration
  20. UPI integration
  21. Website payment integration
  22. CSR payment integration
  23. Balance reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Dr, and how can it benefit our Hospital facility?

Super Dr is a comprehensive Healthcare Management Information System (HMIS) designed to streamline hospital operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. By automating processes, reducing paperwork, and providing real-time data insights, Super Dr empowers your healthcare facility to deliver better services and improve patient outcomes. It’s the only software currently which assures you ROI within months of Installation.

Can Super Dr be customized to suit our specific requirements?

Absolutely! Super Dr is highly customizable to adapt to the unique needs of your healthcare facility. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and tailor the software to match your workflows and preferences.

How does Super Dr ensure patient data security and privacy?

At Super Dr, patient data security and privacy are our top priorities. Our software is built with robust security protocols, including encryption and access controls, to protect sensitive patient information from unauthorized access. We comply with all relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, and continuously update our security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Can Super Dr help us improve patient engagement and communication?

Yes, Super Dr offers various features to enhance patient engagement and communication. Patients can access their health records, schedule appointments, and receive updates through the Super Dr patient portal. Additionally, our software allows for secure and efficient communication between healthcare professionals and patients, improving overall patient experience and satisfaction.

Can Super Dr integrate with existing systems in our hospital?

Yes, Super Dr is built to be easily integrable with various third-party systems and applications. Our team will work to seamlessly integrate the software with your existing Software or hardware systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

What is the cost of Super Dr?

The cost of Super Dr varies based on the size and requirements of your healthcare facility. Our pricing starts from Rs 200,000 and can go up to Rs 60,00,000 per year. Our team will provide you with a customized quote tailored to your specific needs.

How long will Super Dr last?

Super Dr is designed to be a long-term solution for your healthcare facility. With continuous updates and enhancements, the software will remain cutting-edge and future-proof. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Super Dr will continue to meet your evolving needs for years to come.

How long does it take to implement Super Dr in our hospital?

The implementation time can vary depending on the size of your facility and the scope of customization required. Generally, the process takes a few days to a few weeks. Our team will work efficiently to minimize any disruption to your operations during the implementation phase. In an emergency situation we can install and go live in 3 Days

Will my staff need extensive training to use Super Dr effectively?

Super Dr is designed with user-friendliness in mind. While basic training is provided during the implementation phase, our intuitive interface ensures that your staff can quickly adapt to the system. We also offer video tutorials, & ongoing support training 24X7 to address any questions or concerns.

Can Super Dr help in managing our medical inventory and

Absolutely! Super Dr includes an advanced inventory management module that helps you efficiently manage medical supplies, track stock levels, and streamline procurement processes. This feature ensures you have the right supplies at the right time.

Does Super Dr provide analytics and reporting capabilities?

Yes, Super Dr offers robust analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into your hospital's performance, patient demographics, financials, and more. These analytics help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations.

What kind of customer support can we expect from Super Dr?

We take pride in our excellent customer support. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any queries or issues. You can reach us through phone, email, or our support portal, 24X& and we strive to resolve any concerns promptly.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our Super Dr software. If you are not fully satisfied with the product or its performance, we provide a money-back guarantee within a specified period after implementation.

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Hospital Information System (HIMS)

HMIS is an old trerminology weve moved to HNP, Healthcare Networking platform is the first of its kind ecosystem which connects stakeholders like never before. Be it our Integrated Appointment, OPD/IPD, Billing, Lab Modules. Modular Hospital Software We not only Reduce your Hospital's Operational costs with an Integrated Budget-friendly HNP solution. We also promise to increase it by our unique solutions.

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Hospital Management System (HMS)

When it comes to the best software for hospital management i9 Innovations is one to count on, We maintain end-to-end records and a cover a wide range of hospital management and administration processes. Paperless medical records, EHR templates, and case sheets for instant workflow reporting. Role-based access, an easy-to-use interface, and accurate billing. Better patient engagement.

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Doctor Clinic Management System

i9 Innovations is one of the best clinic software, From queue management to multiple appointments, automated medical billings, patient details, Demographic details, OP billing, EHR, etc. Clinic Management Software, CRM Software for Clinic Doctors, and Patient Data Software, Dentistry Management Software, Mentor templates. Holiday management Video Calling software. Tele Medicine, Just Login and earn,   

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Healthcare App Development

At i9 Innovations we develop the best Healthcare App Android or iOS. We are the pioneers in developing an Android Healthcare app that will help your Hospital and allow the patients to communicate directly with you. A comprehensive, affordable healthcare platform. Trusted by healthcare startups globally. Complete WhiteLabel Solution: Telehealth, Practice Management, Portal, Website & Apps

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Clinic & Pharmacy Apps Development

We create your on-demand Pharmacy ordering app, which allows your customers to buy medicines online, and also gives the freedom to send direct indents to the neighbouring pharmacy like never before so your patient don’t miss the correct medications without a substitute. Our assembly line process is highly flexible, fast, scalable. Our specialized developers deliver high-quality code for scalable custom apps or software.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

At i9 Innovations we’ve developed one of the best Laboratory Information System software Our LIS programmes, Automate, Secure, Augment, Precision Across Laboratory Processes & Operations. The Machine interface reduces the human errors to zero and Increases profits with low staffing and a cloud based LIMS. Manage your laboratory seamlessly while providing the fastest available services

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Clinical Features of Super Doctor

  1. Charting
  2. E prescription
  3. Labs interfacing
  4. ICU Device interfacing
  5. Peer Referrals
  6. Notify Authorities
  7. Billing Integration
  8. One click Registration processes
  1. Appointments Calendar
  2. Online Booking
  3. Multi-Clinic Facilitation
  4. Registrations and CME points
  5. Digital treatment plans
  6. Digital communication
  7. Monitoring patients Remotely
  8. Fastest Diagnosis

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