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Revolutionizing Laboratory Operations:

i9 Innovations' Cutting-Edge Laboratory Information System (LIS) Embark on a new era in laboratory management with i9 Innovations' Laboratory Information System (LIS), a pinnacle of innovation designed to automate, secure, augment, and enhance precision across all laboratory processes and operations. Our LIS program stands out as a testament to efficiency, accuracy, and seamless laboratory management, leveraging advanced features that redefine the landscape of diagnostic services.

Key Features of i9 Innovations'Laboratory Information System:

Machine Interface for Error-Free Processes:

Our LIS integrates cutting-edge machine interface capabilities, reducing human errors to zero. This not only ensures unparalleled accuracy in diagnostic processes but also leads to increased profitability...through optimized staffing and a cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Direct Indents from Wards for Swift Reporting:

Experience an unprecedented level of coordination between laboratory and healthcare units. Direct indents from wards enable authorized reports to be seamlessly integrated into doctor mobile apps, patient mobile apps, and wards....This streamlined workflow ensures swift and efficient communication, contributing to quicker and more informed decision-making.

Live Monitoring of Reports:

Reports transcend traditional static formats. They are no longer confined to mere PDFs and images; they come to life with live monitoring of every metric and component. This dynamic approach allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient health in real-time,...facilitating proactive interventions and personalized treatments.

Automated Billing for Financial Efficiency:

Elevate the financial aspect of laboratory management with our automated billing system. Streamline financial transactions, reduce manual errors, and optimize revenue generation....This feature ensures that laboratories can focus on delivering high-quality diagnostic services while maintaining financial efficiency.

Role-Based Access Control:

Ensure data security and confidentiality with role-based access control. Define access levels for different users, ensuring that sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Software for Microbiology:

Tailored software solutions specifically designed for microbiology laboratories, addressing the unique needs and processes of this specialized field.

LIMS for Histopathology:

A dedicated Laboratory Information System catering to the intricate processes of histopathology, ensuring precision and efficiency in pathology diagnostics.

LIMS for Haematology:

Streamline and enhance hematology laboratory operations with our Laboratory Information Management System, designed to meet the specific requirements of hematology diagnostics.

LIMS for Immunology Laboratory:

Laboratory Management System customized for immunology laboratories, facilitating seamless management of immunological diagnostic processes.

LIMS for Serology Lab:

Specialized Laboratory Information System for serology laboratories, ensuring accurate and efficient serological diagnostics.

Sample Collection, Dispatch, and Acknowledgement:

Streamline the sample lifecycle with features for efficient sample collection, dispatch, and acknowledgment, ensuring a smooth workflow from collection to analysis.

Outsourced Lab Management:

Effectively manage outsourced samples, ensuring proper tracking, processing, and integration into the laboratory's diagnostic workflow.

Sample Processing and Report Verification:

Enhance laboratory efficiency with features for systematic sample processing and thorough report verification, ensuring accuracy and reliability in diagnostic reporting.

Role-Based Access Control for Enhanced Security:

Ensure data security and confidentiality with our role-based access control feature. Define access levels for different users, ensuring that sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel, thereby enhancing the overall security of laboratory data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LIMS and Who uses it?

LIMS is Lab Information system software and is utilized by various entities involved in laboratory operations, including clinical laboratories, research institutions, and industrial laboratories.

What is the cost of a laboratory information management system in India?

The cost of a laboratory information management system in India can vary based on features, scalability, and customization. For detailed information, it's recommended to contact i9 Innovations for a customized quote or a FREE Demo installation.

What modules are included in a laboratory information system?

A comprehensive laboratory information system typically includes modules for sample management, testing, reporting, billing, and more. i9 Innovations' LIS encompasses a wide range of modules to ensure a complete solution for laboratory operations.

What does LIMS software do?

Super Dr is designed with user-friendliness in mind. While basic training is provided during the implementation phase, our intuitive interface ensures that your staff can quickly adapt to the system. We also offer video tutorials, & ongoing support training 24X7 to address any questions or concerns.

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