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• An eLibrary, short for "electronic library," is a digital collection of books, articles, documents, and other types of media that are available for access and reading online. eLibraries have become increasingly popular with the advent of digital technology and the internet. They offer a convenient way for people to access a vast array of information, literature, and resources without the need for physical copies.

E-Libraries may include various types of digital content, such as:

E-BOOKS : Digital versions of books that can be read on eReaders, tablets, and computers.

E-JOURNALS: Online versions of academic and professional journals, magazines, and periodicals.

E-MAGAZINES : Digital magazines that can be read on electronic devices.

DATABASES : Collections of research materials, academic papers, and reference materials.

AUDIO AND VIDEO: Digital recordings of lectures, audiobooks, and video content.

DOCUMENtTS : Reports, theses, dissertations, and other textual materials.