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Traditional platforms are long outdated, to harness the full potential of the infrastructure, and your team of experts, we provide a single platform across all the stakeholders to have an error free digital communication within your environment, and achieve a high level of transparency and TAT. You can also collate data for research in any epidemic or pandemic, which can be utilised in preparedness and disaster managements for the future.

The Hospital Management System is a software that serves as the main component of a hospital's operations. It manages all the activities related to the clinic's operations, such as financial management, legal management, and healthcare performance.

Our Medical researchers have achieved a remarkable progress in the health care industry past 25 years, and is evident in the healthcare indices, which are provided in every corner of our application the Super Dr. This achievement was hailed by many observers, and is the outcome of dedicated services and performance consistently in the field of Health care.

What is needed is a scientific & digital approach, to the management of the patient records, with a particular protocol and not miss important aspects of healthcare. There are a lot of avoidable human errors, which we identify & offer corrective measures. Its our moral responsibility to maintain the health of the society which is fast deteriorating due to communicable as well as non-communicable diseases.

Hospital Management Software
Super Doctor

The company's flagship product Super Dr was the biggest success in managing the Covid centres across Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana & Rajasthan. We are the proud partners of the much talked about the MUMBAI MODEL in Covid management. We are the pioneer in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Patient Health Record (PHR) system and connect doctors, allied services and patients to drive credible and accurate healthcare services which will go a long way at not only saving lives but also to create an ecosystem within the country for rapid expansion of healthcare services across the length and breadth of our country.

We promise to partner you as a consistence force and enable your patients to stand by you for a much longer period than ever before. The trust created by our transparency and accuracy helps your physicians and surgeons with the much-needed error free communications.

Why use an integrated Hospital Management System

i9 Innovations has one of the first and also one of the best Healthcare App service. Our Android, iOS Web app Developers, are experienced in developing a systems that will boost your institution and allow your stakeholders to communicate within the platform seamlessly error free. Trusted by healthcare setups globally, we are a complete White Label Solution like Telehealth, Practice Management, and others.

  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Secured

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Modules Of Super Doctor

We have provided great features and modules in the Super Doctor.

Administrative Module

This Hospital module gives the management or the main admin to steer the whole operation smoothly. using this module you can operate the entire hospital system effortlessly. The module takes care of all the key features.

Hospital Module

Super Dr Hospital Management System is a Cloud-based data portal for medical personnel. Super Dr. is India’s first professionally developed Cloud based Consultation application available to doctors and hospitals. It is developed to reduce the paperwork, films and human efforts, needed to keep tracking of Services, Doctors, Patients, Reports etc.

Doctor Module

Super Doctor is a specialised software that integrates various modules such as a general physician, ophthalmologist, paediatrician, ENT surgeon, dentist, etc. Doctors can use these modules as per their requirements. The tool helps to digitise all the patients’ records so they can be accessed by doctors at any time. The tool can be used by doctors, diagnostic centres, and clinics to manage patient records and registration, billing processes, appointment management, and inventory management.  

Clinic Modules

The clinic module is what we think will be the most widely used software in India in coming years. It has the potential to reach million subscribers in a matter of year. The System enables Clinicians Physicians Surgeons, and General practitioners from various pathys to practice fearlessly, and effortlessly in their daily routines. It covers and negates almost all of their Medico-Legal hazards and gives them the freedom to save and use time. The system also enhances their patient loyalty there by bringing more clients. It also connects them to nearby diagnostic centres and pharmacies for a paperless and digital communication.

Patient Portal

Super Dr for Patients, The Patients can also have a handy access to their medical processes and records on any device. It is useful for Patients, It is developed to reduce the paperwork, and have a faster, digital, transparent, and error free communication.

Lab Module or LIS (Lab interfacing system)

Request for a test will now be available in the lab even before the patient reaches the lab, Appointments can be taken, scheduled, and cancelled accordingly. The tech can directly interface the reports and images, to Super Dr, thereby saving precious time and making reports available to Doctors, and Patients simultaneously without a call or personal visit. A comprehensive report data bank is made available to the patient for future references.

Fully integrated Labs & ICU

A complete integration of all Pathology machines like ABG, Biochemistry, Cell Counter as well as ICU Monitors, Ventilators, ECG Machines etc of top brands like Vitros, Siemens, GE etc, gives the Super Dr user a clear distinct benefit of zero TAT & huge savings in cost of operation, and Remote monitoring.

Pharmacy Module

Having an internal pharmacy or medicine store is a very important element. A pharmacist can manage all activities like indents Dispensing, Billing Inventory Expiry, Scheduled un scheduled drug list, FIFIO (first in first out) GST, Short book, Auto indent, Business reminders, financial Goals, buy-and much more.

Miscellaneous Facilities Of
Super Doctor At A Glance

Apart from the unique features there are many miscellaneous features helping you to have a complete solution for every aspect of your institution. What-more all these are customisable as per your needs.

Miscellaneous Facilities Of Super Doctor
  • Labs And Imaging
  • Host in your secure server.
  • Peer Referrals
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Notify Authorities. Health Dept. /Police
  • No Registration Process.
  • Multi-Clinic Facilitation
  • Registrations And CME Points
  • Digital Treatment Plans
  • Digital Communication
  • Complies With All EHR Standards
  • Monitoring Patients Remotely
  • Billing Integration
  • Fastest Diagnosis
  • Medical Data (PHR) Available Anywhere In The World
  • Secured Password Protection
  • Detailed One Time Registration Process
  • Family History
  • Allergies Which Cannot Be Missed Ever
  • Reminders. Diet/Exercise/Medicine
  • Automatic Doctor Appointments And Follow-Ups
  • Digital Pharmacy Indent
  • Diagnostic Centers And Labs
  • E-Sharing Of Reports
  • Online Submission For Medi-Claims
  • Doctor/Hospital/Lab/Pharmacy Credentials
  • Online Ambulance Search
  • Blood Bank Locator
Miscellaneous Facilities Of Hospital Management Software
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