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According to research conducted by Google, over 77% of patients rely on search engines for gaining healthcare information and booking their appointments. Medical organisations need to be able to build revenue and generate awareness by reaching out to their audience and attracting new customers and patients. In the medical space, consumers search for a broad range of services online. They compare providers and healthcare facilities and respond to different forms of medical and healthcare ads. Attracting, educating, nurturing, and converting these potential "customers" is essential to driving revenue.

That’s why it is important to keep your medical organisation at the forefront of the on-line revolution and health-care digital marketing helps your organisation stay ahead of your competitors.

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Components of a Hospital Management System - HMS

A hospital management system is a computer system that helps manage information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. They manage the data related to all departments of healthcare.


Super Dr. is India’s first professionally developed consultation application available to doctors and hospitals. The availability of consultation templates makes it easy for Doctors to start by simply selecting a template from our library. Availability across mobiles and tablets makes the entire process very dynamic with the ability to review and record details on the go.

E Prescription

Until now, it was impossible to prescribe a medication while also storing it in your own database.Doctors can start e-prescriptions in a jiffy with Super Dr. and can set their own favourites in prescriptions which can be recalled with a single click. Set up the minimum and maximum dosage of a particular medicine once and create an error message for the future.

Lab & Imaging

Requests for a test will now be available in the lab even before the patient reaches the lab. Appointments can be taken and scheduled accordingly. Labs can directly upload the reports and images, to super Dr. thereby saving precious time and making reports available to Doctors and patients simultaneously. Auto updation of EHR records of the patient by the lab or imaging service provider.

Peer Referrals

Electronic referrals and secure messaging for streamlined collaboration amongst doctors. Secure electronic messaging with staff and network providers also allows for instant collaboration on patient care in real time.Your clinic runs smoothly and collaborates on patient care.

Notify Authorities

Most of the time, intentional notification to the authorities about a particular epidemic also becomes difficult due to the tedious form fillings and manual mode of communication. Super Dr offers the perfect solutions with auto-generated notification buttons during your consultation.

Billing Integration

With Super Dr., you have an integrated billing application which helps you not just bill faster but also realise payment and reconcile accounts faster. HMS should be integrated with your existing billing software.We have easily exportable reports to help you with your account reconciliation process.

No Registration

Never again will a patient have to fill out a registration form every time he/she visits a doctor or hospital. Detailed information about the patients and their recent and past history will be available once you enter their ID and pin.

Appointments Calendar

The Daily scheduler is the important part of your desk top and an integrated appointments calendar helps you plan your different Clinic locations effectively without having to worry about how your day is going to be.

Online Booking

Cut down on phone calls with free online appointment booking. Use your Super Dr. profile to attract new patients and let current patients book appointments online. Online booking brings in business while saving scheduling time.

Multi-Clinic Facilitation

A Doctor can make as many clinics as desired and provide his timings for the ease of appointment scheduling.

Registrations & CME points

Registration with a local body or the Medical council is as easy as ever. You can now enroll for a lecture or a CME within the app and acquire points within the app.

Treatment plans

Digital Treatment plans are part of your daily consultations making certain protocol based treatment for a particular ailment and repeating that for causes will save time.

Digital communication

Super Dr. Web based software not only gives you ease and beautiful templates for your practice.

Follow Professors

The template bank will have enough templates from the senior Professors from the freterninty.


Directly integrated with your EHR schedule, online booking brings in business while saving staff scheduling time.

Schedule your Day

Use your Super Dr profile to find new patients and let current patient’s book appointments online.

Efficient Customization

Use your Super Dr profile to find new patients and let current patient’s book appointments online.

Patient Engagements

Engage more patients and increase you practice by flauntingte stimonials of your happy clients.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

No additional device is needed one can manage everything with their existing device.

Complies EHR standards

EHR system does copy to all the standards required internationally.

Monitoring patients remotely

Admiited patients can be managed more effectively even without your presence in the hospital.

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