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Patient Management System

According to research conducted by Google, over 77% of patients rely on search engines for gaining healthcare information and booking their appointments. Medical organisations need to be able to build revenue and generate awareness by reaching out to their audience and attracting new customers and patients. In the medical space, consumers search for a broad range of services online. They compare providers and healthcare facilities and respond to different forms of medical and healthcare ads. Attracting, educating, nurturing, and converting these potential "customers" is essential to driving revenue.

That’s why it is important to keep your medical organisation at the forefront of the on-line revolution and health-care digital marketing helps your organisation stay ahead of your competitors.

Super Dr Hospital Management System Software mumbai

Components of a Patient Management System

The Patient management system helps patient to gather, store, every information related to his or her health. It also helps in booking appointments getting digital bills, helps in submitting claims to insurance and also help from State or various schemes by the Govt.

Medical Data (PHR) Available Anywhere In The World

Once the patient makes his login then directed to add various aspect of his health such as height, weight,Allergies and other important stats with images under various heads such as Habits,Consultation, Medical and Surgical history.

Secured Password Protection

All the data is completely safe and secure within the App and on the cloud.This will be always password protected until the subscriber resets the privacy policy which share his reports to desired users the app also gives the user total control of whom willing to share the documents & images.

Detailed One Time Registration Process

The user henceforth will now never have to que for registering himself during a visit to the hospital or clinic. The app can give the Hospital / Clinic instant registration every time the patient visits. Once registered, the data will be available in an updated format automatically.

Family History

Family: All family history will be available to the physician in his login. Medical: The Medical history will be updated every time there is a new entry.Surgical: The Surgical History with pictures of previous surgeries will be available.

Allergies Which Cannot Be Missed Ever

All your allergies or reaction of any kind in the past will be available in the allergy screen & even if you forget to tell the Dr. in a hurry the all-important care is taken by the Dr every time he treats you.

Reminders. Diet/Exercise/Medicine

Medicine reminders: If notifications are turned on,the App will remind you of the medications to be taken timely every time.Follow ups reminders:follow-up with the Dr.It also automaticallytake an appointment with the Doctor.

Automatic Doctor Appointments And Follow-Ups

Taking your appointments was never this easier, take appointments within the app, and get reminders about the same.The App will give you timely reminders and guide you.

Digital Pharmacy Indent

The app is synced with all pharmacies so you have multiple choices of pharmaciesinstead of one.The transitional errors will no longer haunt you and calling the physicians from the pharmacies will no longer be required.

Diagnostic Centers And Labs

Avoid Registrations ques, carrying prescriptions, previous reports and other important health markers. From now on Diagnostic reports will be available instantly on the App. No need to go back to the lab for collecting reports.

E-Sharing Of Reports

You can now share your investigations and other important reports for multiple opinions anywhere in the world in a jiffy. It will avoid you all the traffic and transportations hazards of the previous era.

Online Submission For

The major post treatment is get your reimbursements from various organizations such as your Employers,TPA and the Insurance Company.All your claim forms can be auto filled if prescribed rightly for reimbursement or Cashless treatment.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates is a very important and a key feature for today’s HR managements.Its inbuilt templates help the treating physician to generate your Medi-claim certificate along with your Consultation without an extra effort.

Drug Diary And Medical Education

All the drug Diary and necessary links will be available A lot of data, all the available material and links on the web can be easily accessed for the purpose of understanding the do’s and don’ts.

Dos And Don'ts

Every time you visit a Doctor there are lot of questions you want to ask.You can always ask your Dr to share the Do’s and Don’tstemplates available on the App for a particular Medical or surgical treatment.

Vaccination Reminder And Charting

This App was designed for the Mother and infant care where the parent never misses out on any vaccination or important aspect of raising a baby.From the first month of pregnancy till the final all the important reminders are incorporated.

Doctor/Hospital/Lab/Pharmacy Credentials

All the credentials of your Dr.are available for your reference and Medi-claim purposes. The registration number to the number of years he is been practicing and also the number patients he has treated and the testimonials of his patients

Epidemic Outburst & Seasonal Alerts

The authorities and health administration will give you alerts on the epidemic spread in your area and also suggest necessary precautions.Seasonal alerts will also be provided any health offer by the state can also be found in the app.

Specialty Surgical Centers

You can have the List of Medical centers with their infrastructure; Facilities and their tariffanywhere in any City health offers across the world News about various health offers are available globally.

Online Ambulance Search

The online Ambulance locates the nearest ambulance available,with all the info about the various types of ambulances in the city you can actually see the facilities provided while booking it during a transfer or an emergency.

Blood Bank Locator

Blood if its available anywhere in the country it will be displayed in the app One can easily locate the availability of the particular Blood in the nearest Blood bank to the patient at that time and reserve it from the app.

Homecare Services (Online)

Home care services and many other health care services can be searched and contacted within the app. The search bar gives you choices of every medical facility available in town reminds you each and every time.

Medical Equipment’s For Rent

Medical devices equipment’s and instruments available on rent can be searched and indented within the app.

Medical Expense Tracker

The poor can apply for any help directly from the app to anywhere in the world

Testimonials & Feedback

list of testimonials before starting an important treatment this helps your confidence built up in your treating physician.

Explore Healthcare Offers World Over

The poor can apply for any help directly from the app to anywhere in the world.

Donate To A Needy

The poor can apply for any help directly from the app to anywhere in the world.

Help From Various Trusts

The poor can apply for any help directly from the app to anywhere in the world.

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