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As one of the only healthcare networking marketing agencies in India to be awarded Google partner status, it's safe to say we know pay-per-click advertising well. Paid campaigns are a transparent and effective way of increasing website traffic, enquiries, and revenue for your healthcare industry. With a unique understanding of the healthcare market and a team of Google AdWords experts, we do all of the smart work for you to ensure your adverts are seen by the right audiences, and more importantly, growing your business revenue.

Why should you add location targeting to your Google Ads Campaigns.?

Google Location Targeting plays a key role in a successful Google AdWords campaign. Why? We hear you ask. Location targeting helps you focus your campaign around finding the right patients for your practice, this can help improve your campaign performance and return on investment. Not only does Google allow you to select the location where your patients are likely to be searching, but it also allows you to exclude locations if you don't want your ads to appear in specific areas.

What content should I be sharing on social media.?

Sharing relevant content on your social media platforms is just one step towards increasing brand awareness for your practice. We understand that it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what content you should be posting, so here are a few ideas that will add to your overall digital marketing strategy.

  • Healthcare & Medical News-Sharing relevant, time-sensitive posts will not only show your audience that you are up-to-date with what's happening within your industry, but it also helps educate on certain topics.
  • Educational content Look at ways you can help your audience with posts such as faqs and infographics. Sharing your healthcare knowledge not only shows your audience that you are trustworthy, but it can also help when it comes to them finding a healthcare provider.
  • Practice updates Keep your audience up to date on the latest news and events in your practice.
  • Patient generated content Patient generated content is basically an endorsement from your patients. Encourage them to tag you when they visit your practise and re-share when they do.
PPC Campaigns for Healthcare Physicians

Benefits of PPC Campaigns for Healthcare Physicians

A strong digital marketing campaign can always be strengthened with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to increase your reach. With PPC, your healthcare practise gains immediate access to the top of search engines such as Google.

Objectives & Strategy
We help you define your pay-per-click objectives, target market, and develop a realistic strategy with you that will help you achieve the desired results at an affordable cost per click (CPC).
Keyword Research
We will perform all the necessary keyword research to develop tightly themed campaigns and Ad groups of relevant search phrases to target for your products and/or services.
Quality Score Improvements
The feature allows drivers to update their status on their availability to deliver. If the driver taps "Available," he/she will start receiving delivery requests and vice-versa.
Ad Copywriting
Our team has worked across multiple industries, including diagnostics, hospitals, women’s health, pharmaceuticals, and more.
Optimization & Bid Management
Manual and automatic bid adjustment, keyword and match type expansion, ad copy trialling and landing page optimisation are all important ways to increase conversion rates.
Reporting & Analysis
The in-app messaging feature allows drivers to contact customers for purposes such as drop location details and others.
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