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The i9 2024 Hospital Management Software |100 plus Modules

The Super Dr and i9 Innovations

i9 Innovations stands at the forefront of healthcare technology, offering Super Dr, a comprehensive hospital management system designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Super Dr's suite of modules caters to every aspect of hospital operations, from clinical to financial, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare experience.


Clinical Modules:

    Streamlines emergency care processes, ensuring rapid response and treatment.
    Automates anesthesia records, enhancing patient safety during surgeries.
    Supports intensive care units with real-time patient monitoring and data analysis.
    Manages endoscopic procedures, scheduling, and documentation.
    Integrates cardiology-specific workflows and patient data for comprehensive cardiac care.
    Tailors patient care plans and tracks treatment progress for oncology patients.
    Schedules and monitors dialysis sessions, ensuring patient comfort and safety.
    Manages prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care for mothers and newborns.
    Provides specialized features for the care of premature or ill newborns.
    Offers solutions for assessing and managing patient pain levels effectively.
    Coordinates rehabilitation programs and tracks patient progress.
    Streamlines the entire surgical process from scheduling to post-operative care.
    Manages laboratory tests, results, and integrates with patient records.
    Schedules and documents physiotherapy sessions, aiding in patient recovery.

Administrative Modules:

    Facilitates easy booking and management of patient appointments.
    Optimizes bed allocation and tracks hospital occupancy rates.
    Controls and monitors visitor access, enhancing hospital security.
    Manages contracts with vendors, suppliers, and service providers.
    Ensures all medical staff credentials are up-to-date and compliant.
    Oversees the maintenance and operations of hospital facilities.
    Digitizes and organizes hospital documents for easy access and security.
    Provides insights into hospital operations and patient care for informed decision-making.

Patient-Related Modules:

    Offers patients access to their medical records, appointments, and communication with healthcare providers.
    Engages patients in their care process through educational resources and interactive tools.
    Monitors patient flow within the hospital to enhance care delivery.
    Builds and maintains positive relationships with patients, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
    Provides patients with resources and information to understand and manage their health.

Financial Modules:

    Manages billing, payments, and financial transactions.
    Tracks and analyzes the costs of healthcare services.
    Serves as the core of the hospital's financial record-keeping.
    Oversees the procurement, storage, and distribution of medical and non-medical materials.
    Aids in financial planning and forecasting for hospital operations.

Supply Chain Modules:

    Streamlines the procurement process for hospital supplies and equipment.
    Manages relationships and contracts with suppliers.
    Ensures optimal inventory levels and efficient distribution of supplies.
    Tracks and manages hospital assets for maximum efficiency.
    Manages the sterilization and distribution of surgical instruments and equipment.

Human Resources Modules:

    Efficiently schedules staff shifts and assignments.
    Monitors staff attendance and time worked for payroll purposes.
    Evaluates and manages employee performance, fostering professional growth.
    Streamlines the hiring process to ensure the hospital is adequately staffed.
    Provides educational resources and training for hospital staff.

Quality and Compliance Modules:

    Implements protocols to prevent and control infections within the hospital.
    Facilitates the reporting and analysis of incidents to improve safety and quality.
    Identifies and mitigates risks within hospital operations.
    Conducts internal audits to ensure compliance with healthcare standards and regulations.
    Manages and automates the reporting of data to regulatory bodies.

Support Service Modules:

    Manages dietary services, ensuring patient nutritional needs are met.
    : Coordinates housekeeping tasks to maintain a clean and safe hospital environment.
    Oversees the laundering of hospital linens and uniforms.
    Manages the disposal of hospital waste in compliance with environmental and health regulations.

Specialty-Specific Modules:

    Tailors features for the management of ophthalmology departments.
    Integrates dermatology-specific workflows and patient management.
    Provides specialized tools for orthopedic care and treatment.
    Manages the specific needs of bariatric surgery patients and workflows.

Integration and Interoperability Modules:

    Facilitates the secure exchange of health information with other systems.
    Ensures Super Dr can seamlessly communicate with other healthcare software.
    Manages and secures application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with external services.

Patient Safety and Care Modules:

    Automates medication ordering and administration, reducing errors.
    Alerts healthcare providers to patient allergies to prevent adverse reactions.
    Provides evidence-based guidelines to support clinical decisions.
    Streamlines the ordering of tests, treatments, and other services.

Data and Reporting Modules:

    Offers advanced reporting tools for analyzing hospital data.
    Allows for the creation of customized reports to meet specific informational needs.
    Consolidates data from various sources for analysis and reporting.
    Utilizes health information to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Technical Modules:

    Manages IT services and support for the hospital's technology infrastructure.
    Provides tools for the configuration and management of the Super Dr system.
    Ensures hospital data is securely backed up and can be recovered in case of loss.
    Implements security measures to protect hospital data from cyber threats.

Other Specialized Modules:

    Manages hospital volunteers and their assignments.
    Supports programs aimed at promoting health and wellness among patients and staff.
    Manages occupational health services for hospital employees.
    Provides translation services to meet the needs of a diverse patient population.

Extended Modules:

    Manages hospital-affiliated retail pharmacies.
    Tailors features for the management of dental clinics.
    Provides specialized tools for chiropractic care.
    Manages the delivery of alternative and complementary medicine services.

Outreach and Community Service Modules:

    Supports community health initiatives and programs.
    Manages the provision of healthcare services in patients' homes.
    Provides tools for managing palliative care services.
    Manages hospital outreach programs and community services.

Telehealth Modules:

    Enables the monitoring of patients' health remotely.
    Facilitates telehealth consultations between patients and healthcare providers.
    Allows for the electronic prescribing of medications.

Research and Education Modules:

    Manages the administration and data of clinical trials.
    Supports educational programs and training for healthcare professionals.
    Manages library resources and services for research and education.

User Experience Modules:

    Allows for the customization of the Super Dr user interface to meet specific user needs.
    Collects and manages user feedback to improve Super Dr services.
    Provides support services to address user inquiries and issues.

Mobile and Device Integration Modules:

    Integrates with mobile health apps to extend healthcare services.
    Connects with wearable health devices for real-time health monitoring.
    Integrates with medical devices for seamless data capture and analysis.

Marketing and CRM Modules:

    Automates marketing campaigns to engage patients and promote hospital services.
    Manages patient relationships and interactions to enhance satisfaction.
    Manages hospital social media profiles to engage with the community and promote services.

Environmental and Infrastructure Modules:

    Manages energy use within the hospital to promote efficiency and sustainability.
    Supports the planning and development of hospital facilities.
    Promotes sustainable practices within hospital operations.

Governance and Strategy Modules:

    Supports the development and implementation of hospital strategic plans.
    Manages hospital governance structures and policy compliance.
    Provides executives with a comprehensive overview of hospital performance and metrics.

Super Dr by i9 Innovations is designed to be a holistic solution, addressing every facet of hospital management and patient care. With its extensive range of modules, Super Dr ensures that healthcare institutions are equipped to meet the challenges of modern healthcare delivery, providing top-notch services and care to patients.