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We are i9 Innovations & Educational Software, a networking and IT solutions firm for the healthcare and associated industries. We provide consulting, professionally managed services, and software development. As a company, we have excelled in supporting and serving our customers and users.

Using in-house consultation skills alongside software development, our research can provide individuals with the best and optimum solution that matches their operational needs. We've also developed custom scalable systems and support services for every other healthcare institution on the planet.

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I9innovations CRM Automation

I9 Innovations is pleased to introduce our self as a service provider for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We present ourselves as all integrated approach which helps clients implement these initiatives or time and budget with quality of sales.

i9 CRM

What does CRM do?

CRM systems support a diverse range of automations to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. The chart below presents some of the most common automations that can be accomplished with CRM Software.

Marketing Automation 01

Marketing Automation

  •   Data Syncing,
  •   Lead generation,
  •   Welcome Emails,
  •   Email drip campaigns
Sales Force Automation 02

Sales Force Automation

  •   Call Scheduling,
  •   Task assignment,
  •   Lead assignment,
  •   Pipeline stage transitions,
Service Automation 03

Service Automation

  •   Case routing,
  •   Password resets,
  •   AI-powered chatbots,
  •   Customer self service,
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Hospital Information System (HIMS)

Hospital Management Software with Integrated Appointment, OPD/IPD, Billing, Lab Modules. Modular Hospital Software. Reduce your Hospital's Operational costs with an Integrated Budget-friendly HMS solution. ERP modules, Specialty-based case sheets, Multi-location support etc all in one platform. 24/7 Support. Patient Online Access. Management Dashboard. Device Interfacing.

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Hospital Management System (HMS)

i9 Innovations is one of the best software for hospital management to maintain end-to-end records. covers a wide range of hospital management and administration processes. Paperless medical records, EHR templates, and case sheets for instant workflow reporting. Role-based access, an easy-to-use interface, and accurate billing. Better patient engagement. Clinical Management.

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Doctor Clinic Management System

i9 Innovations is one of the best clinic software that manages appointment, medical billings, patient details, payment details, OP billing, EHR, etc. Clinic Management Software, CRM Software for Clinic Doctors, and Patient Data Software, Dentistry Management Software, Doctors' Hospital Management. Registration of Patients. Schedule your appointments.  

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Healthcare App Development

i9 Innovations is one of the best Healthcare App developments services. We at Android Developer, are the pioneers in developing an Android Healthcare app that will boost your business and allow the customers to communicate with you. A comprehensive, affordable healthcare platform. Trusted by healthcare startups globally. Complete WhiteLabel Solution: Telehealth, Practice Management, Portal, Website & Apps.

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Clinic & Pharmacy Apps Development

We create your on-demand Pharmacy ordering app, which allows your customers to buy medicines online. Our assembly line process is highly flexible, fast, scalable. Our specialized developers deliver high-quality code for scalable custom apps or software. The doctors, pharmacists, nurses, all work off of the same software. Manage and reduce the workload in your clinic chain with easy-to-use software for all employees.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

i9 Innovations is one of the best Laboratory Information System software programmes. Automate, Secure. Augment Precision Across Laboratory Processes & Operations. Increase profits with a cloud based LIMS. Manage your laboratory seamlessly while providing the best service. Machine interfacing helps in quality control checks & producing the right test results.

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