7 ways to find the Best
Hospital management software

What is a Hospital Management Software?

A Hospital management software or an HMIS is the most important tool a modern Hospital should have. It's an application that should digitize your complete Hospital system. The system actually was first developed in the 1970s, when they thought healthcare was growing fast. Even today 80% of world hospitals do not have a complete HMIS System. So, if you fall in the 80% there’s nothing to be shy of.

What are the 7 clues to finding the Best Hospital management software?

1. Choose a complete solution instead of multiples, Like a separate Pharmacy,Tally, LIS, PACS, Clinical, or software with multiple middlewares. This will lead you to coordinate with multiple vendors increasing your downtime forever.

2. Choose a system that has an Appointment and live scheduler instead of the offline scheduler. It helps generate more patients and lesser queue hassles at your reception.

3. Choose a cloud-based app with a facility of a private cloud of your own. Add a disaster management tool so you never ever lose your Data.

4. Choose an app that has Clinical modules, and also has a great UI and UX, remember your clinical users are very reluctant to use computers. If it does not attract them your investment will go in vain. It's important to have a minimum keyboard usage for the clinical team and vice versa for the accounts and billing team as they would like more of a keyboard and less of the mouse.

5. Remember as mentioned in point 1 it's important to have LIS, X-ray, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, and DICOM image compatibility. This will make your hospital truly paperless. Even the indents should be online. This erases all the communicational errors and provides you a documented safe care experience every ti

6. The Software should provide a Live Dashboard with customized widgets, so you can measure your daily metrics on the go. It's also called business intelligence, The data you are interested in daily, should by default appear in the format you want instead of searching and making weekly or monthly reports. Apart from the above, it should have features like Asset Management, CSSD, NABH, Vendor Management, Pathology interfacing, TPA Insurance Interfacing, OT Dashboard, etc.

7. Most importantly it should have a patient mobile application so the end user gets all the info and remains loyal to you there by helping the revenue cycle

How to Buy a Hospital Clinic management system?

Luckily India has developed the first HNP (Hospital Networking Platform) which is far more superior to the conventional HMIS. It’s called the Super Dr. It’s a complete healthcare system with a separate login for every stakeholder like the Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiology, Blood Bank, Ambulances, Health Admins, and can even interface with every possible gadget you have, for seamless communication.

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