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According to research conducted by Google, over 77% of patients rely on search engines for gaining healthcare information and booking their appointments. Medical organisations need to be able to build revenue and generate awareness by reaching out to their audience and attracting new customers and patients. In the medical space, consumers search for a broad range of services online. They compare providers and healthcare facilities and respond to different forms of medical and healthcare ads. Attracting, educating, nurturing, and converting these potential "customers" is essential to driving revenue.

That’s why it is important to keep your medical organisation at the forefront of the on-line revolution and health-care digital marketing helps your organisation stay ahead of your competitors.

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Why Digital Marketing for Healthcare Websites?

A healthcare digital marketing service can boost your healthcare industry website's rank with the help of search engine optimization. It will allow millions of people in India to find your website in their top searches and learn about you and your health and medical expertise.

At i9 Innovations, we help the healthcare and medical industry to focus on patient service and care, while we take care of their digital marketing needs. Our healthcare digital marketing specialists in Mumbai, India assist healthcare firms in attracting and engaging new patients, which further helps them in improving their bottom lines.

Why is digital marketing important in healthcare?

Medical digital marketing applies many well-known online marketing practises and strategies, such as search engine optimization, Google Ad Words marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, for the promotion and sale of various healthcare services.


With most people new to searching online for medical information, Being visible in search is critical. SEO gives you a strong online presence and helps you withstand competition by making your website rank higher.


Social media optimization is crucial for healthcare practises and physicians as it helps them engage with their patients on social media platforms where people converge to discuss and debate healthcare issues.


PPC has proven to be quite useful in getting your message across to target customers. While organic search is important, PPC can help build recognition for your brand and provide you with instant leads.


Your brand is your identity. Nothing stays in the minds of your patients or prospective customers more effectively than your brand. Branding services will help strengthen your brand in the minds of people.


Content is the foundation of any Internet marketing strategy, which helps search engines to find your website easily, and thereby increase website traffic. Content should be relevant and user-friendly.


Reach your potential customers and generate more appointments with email marketing. It is much more effective than it sounds. You have to make it compelling enough to gain the attention of your followers.

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