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seo services for healthcare mumbai


Did you know that approximately 47% of all Google searches are related to medical symptoms? This means the opportunity for healthcare providers to increase awareness of their product or services through search marketing is huge.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is not just about being on the first page of Google search. It’s much more than that. Your site's entire credibility is taken into account not only by Google but also by many other search engines. As the Internet is in search of good content,

What are the advantages of healthcare SEO?

Search engine optimization is about making small modifications to parts of your existing website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations and great content writing, they could have a noticeable impact on performance in organic search results.

The content on your site determines at what position you stand. The more real and authentic you are, the more chances there are for the search engines to find you. We will help you with your content writing with some great medical content writers and SEO experts.

seo services for medical mumbai

Why Choose i9 Innovations of Healthcare SEO Services?

What does the SEO process look like? There are several steps that we take. That's why SEO is a journey, not a short process. We are excited to partner with you for the long-term and help your website do well in search. You’ll be able to bring in new customers consistently and grow your business.



The first step is to understand how you're currently ranking. What keywords are you ranking for, and how does that compare to your competitors? We will look at every aspect of your website and suggest changes that will help you do better in search results.



Next, we'll create a specific plan that will help you improve your SEO. This includes keyword research. analysing your competitors’ strategies. And understanding how to position yourself online so that you're recognised as an expert in your industry is key. This will give us concrete action steps to take to move you forward.



Finally. we'll put our plan into action. This may include reworking your webpage content. Create new content for your website on a regular basis, and build high-quality inbound links. This implementation is what will move your website up the search rankings over time. As you move up. You’ll experience more traffic and growth.



It's not always obvious what types of content your prospects will respond best to. If you make assumptions. You could be missing out. That's why we test different types of content and various headlines to ensure that you get the best response rate you can. We also stay on top of Google updates and pivot campaigns as needed.



You deserve the best return on Investment (ROI) that you can get, and we're committed to delivering. We'll consistently track your SEO results and see what's working and what's not. We'll move away from strategies that aren't bringing in new leads and consistently update our process with the latest SEO best practices.

search engine optimizations services for medical mumbai
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